Sabbie bianche finissime caraibiche, onde cristalline cavalcate da surfisti in cerca di vento e emozioni. Abbronzature selvagge, cani che scorrazzano e famiglie felici che trascorrono giornate lontane dallo stress quotidiano. Un paradiso incantato, interrotto da musiche e balli frenetici di party on the beach....

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Malian refugees

In the first day of 2013, the French army, supported by the Malian, has started new acts of war in Africa in order to regain the north of Mali in the hands of Radical Islamists, who had conquered imposing Islamic law during February 2012.....

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voodoo night

“Since 1996 Benin is the only country in the world where Voodoo is the state religion. Voodoo has always been a preeminent attraction there, and tourism has increased greatly for this reason. I left to Benin whit the purpose of photographing the “folkloristic” Voodoo, the one intentionally created for tourists and part of those “ tourist packages” arranged by almost all the tour operators working in the Guinea Gulf

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gold diggers

They dig with their bare hands, from dawn to dusk, in holes up to 40 meters deep in the desert between Burkina Faso and Mali. They are the “Filtobe Kaagne”, the gold diggers of Essakena, 270 km north of the capital Ouagadougou. They are the people of the mines, a day of work for one Euro, dozens of whom die each year while searching for a few ...

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easter in jerusalem

Jerusalem, crossroads of religions, on the day of the celebration of Easter. Believers of different religions (Catholic, Orthodox, Greek Cypriots, Jews, Armenians) meet every year in the Israeli city to pray.

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The short life of Martirs in Gaza Strip

A warrior that after his death became a MARTYR, according to the Islamic opinion. A short life that begins when they are children, in the street where the Israeli bombardment, the RPG and AK47 of Russian origin, are at home....

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In the north of Burkina Faso, on the border with Mali, the village of Bani is surrounded by seven hills, where seven mosques were built out of mud. Bani has become a place of prayer and pilgrimage, thanks to the prophet Mohamed Kafando. The seven mosques were built on the hills to gather the believers and since their construction Bani has turned into a remarkable ...

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children recycles

The best friend of Nixon, 11 yo, is his acrylic “Pakistan Rice” bag. At night he sleeps in it, sheltered under the wooden roof of a shack. During the day it’s used to collect plastic, cans, bottles, scrap. Two pounds, 10 shillings. With a pound and a half he can eat breakfast. Nixon is a “chankora”, a child recycler. He recycles to survive and ...

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burkina faso, everyday life

Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta, known as the “land of men of integrity”, is located in West Africa; in the inner Sahel , landlocked , it is one of the poorest and most desolate area of the African continent. Always at the top in the list of the less developed countries, its name is often associated with drought, famine, children dying of hunger, but it is also one of the ...

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sport in the slums

It survives in one of the most terrible slums of Nairobi, where 85% of the urban population is well below the minimum threshold of poverty. It survives disease (about 40% of the population is HIV positive, here), it survives crime, and the insidious addiction of glue sniffing. It’s the Sport.In the heart of the slums there is a little free-zone ...

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Misola stands for Millet, Soybean and Peanuts. In the early eighties, when the Sahel was in the grip of a devastating famine and drought, a French pediatrician who worked in a public hospital in Burkina Faso, desperate in seeing every day a child dying of hunger, with the help of a local pharmacist, created the first low-calorie meal produced entirely in Africa ...

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mysterious tuscany

Mysteries, legends, ritual magic … Besides its worlwide famous wine, it’s fine cuisine, its beautiful sunny landscapes there is another Tuscany, less familiar to most people. Starting from Lucca, and down the valleys of Siena, you can discover an unpredictable route. What better start than a walk on the Devil’s Bridge, as it has been renamed ...

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peccioli eco-landfill

The world is changing; once students used to visit museums, today they go visiting landfills in order to understand how to manage waste materials. The village of Peccioli, near Pisa, boasts the most advanced waste materials disposal site in the world, according to the UN and the European Union. Brought to model in all countries ...

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miss drag queen

They’ve got eccentric names, to make fun of and entertain the show biz, even if they are part of it. They’re the queens of playback and charade. Every year the best ones fight each other by wigs and paillettes, to win the title of Italian Miss Drag Queen. The contest couldn’t be held elsewhere but at the “Mamamia”, in Torre del Lago, one of the most trasgressive clubs ...

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the game of the bridge

Each year, on the last Saturday of June, the city of Pisa stops to watch the “Game of the Bridge,” an historical reenactment that takes place on the Ponte di Mezzo. The tradition of the Game of the Bridge dates back to 1568. Rival teams from different quarters of Pisa fought for symbolic possession of the bridge over the Arno River. Six magistrates for each of the ...

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